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Education 3.0

Let's be honest about it. The current education system sucks. But don't worry. HeyEdu is here to

How HeyEdu works?

Learn. Play. Level up!

Learn. Play. Level up!

HeyEdu is a game with a purpose. It’s also the world’s first true learning RPG. This means you can learn by doing.

HeyEdu is a gamified way to learn and gain new levels of experience in various fields such as crypto, business, marketing.

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It's like having a teacher in your pocket!

HeyEdu strives to become your personal tutor.

It has knowledge of your learning style, interests and your developmental milestones so that it can cater the learning materials best suited for you.

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It's like having a teacher in your pocket!

What HeyEdu students say?

Great guiding through the world of web3, NFT and cryptocurrencies. Verified quality of materials and a brilliant work on assistants’ part, ready to help you at every step.

Piotr Obiegly Piotr ObieglyFreelance Translator

Constant contact with the Education Assistant, who can answer all of my questions! It saves a lot of time because the proposed learning materials are already checked and verified in terms of usefulness and quality.

Sylwia Milosz Sylwia MiloszDigital Marketing Expert

The fact that the proposed learning material are already screened and verified in terms of usefulness and quality will save you a lot of time.

Jakub Pjanka Jakub PjankaOwner PJB Consulting
Change your career. <br/>Learn new technology.

Change your career.
Learn new technology.

HeyEdu is self-paced and totally personalized. You’ll follow a sequence of steps to reach any goal.

There’s never been an easier way to make it to the top in your dream field.

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Learn, Earn, Spend

You will get EDU tokens for every subject you pass and for every level you gain in HeyEdu.

You can exchange the EDU tokens for much better education or buy upgrades in HeyEdu.

Learn and Earn
Learn, Earn, Spend
Learn a new skill by doing

Learn a new skill by doing

HeyEdu provides a new way of e-learning that is more effective and engaging.

You learn by doing real projects like companies and startups. They are practical tasks designed to enhance your skills, making people notice you as a skilled practitioner.

Discover a new way of learning

Frequently Asked Questions

HeyEdu is for people who want to learn practical skills and are not fans of the standard education system.

If you have a problem with finishing online courses, keeping motivation and seeing results of your education, HeyEdu is for you.

HeyEdu is a first-of-its-kind online platform that turns education into a story by combining the best elements of RPGs with real-world learning, skill collecting and earning.

HeyEdu unites gamification, artificial intelligence and the best of education. We know that it was never easy to learn the things you really want and really like. Oh, and we care about your time and money too.

We keep adding new HeyEdu Worlds. Currently, our students can learn about crypto, building first business (side hustle), building their personal brand in tech or how to take care of their personal finance.

We are currently working on new HeyEdu Worlds like marketing, software engineering and many more.

Not. HeyEdu doesn’t produce online courses.

We work with the best experts from around the world who create HeyEdu Worlds and deliver the best education for our students. Students can buy online courses recommended by HeyEdu Assistants or stay with free materials.

HeyEdu Assistants will contact. You’ll set up your goals and your profile. Then you embark on a skill-building journey.

HeyEdu Assistant will explain all the elements of the game (levels, experience points, HeyEdu Worlds, paths) in the first weeks of the game.

No. But we have something better.

As you travel around the world of HeyEdu, you will gain new skills. These skills will be available to you and the world (if you agree) in the form of badges.

We work so that they never disappear and always confirm your skills.


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