Your Personal Learning Assistant

HeyEdu will help you to learn anything. Get real tasks and complete them and earn real money.


Education 2.0

Let's be honest about it. The current education system sucks. But don't worry. HeyEdu is here to change the rules of the game.

  • Get Results

    Practice first, then theory ... in an extremely safe environment.

  • Get Personalized Assistant

    Your dedicated assistant selects the best educational materials suited to you and your learning style.

  • Get Money and Bonuses

    Earn a token by learning. Exchange it for better education or buy a gift for your mom.

  • Have Fun

    Gain experience, levels, choose paths and have fun in the best RPG game.

  • Achieve Your Goals

    Do you want to change your career or learn new technology? Just tell us your goals.

  • Make New Friends

    Some tasks require collaboration with other students. Meet new friends on the same level as you.